Claw or Bezel Setting?

Claw or Bezel Setting? Sarah Hickey Jewellery

Claw or Bezel Setting?

Which stone setting is the one for you?  Which one calls to you?!   

The two most common stone settings are the claw setting and the bezel setting.  

Claw or Bezel Setting? Sarah Hickey Jewellery

Claw Settings:

Claw settings are the classic choice.  They typically have three or more prongs of fine metal that protrude from the base of the setting, and bend slightly over the stone to hold it in place, like a claw.  

Claw settings allow a lot of the gemstone to be exposed. This allows the maximum amount of light to both enter and leave the gemstone.  This creates more brilliance, more fire, allowing the stone to truly sparkle.  This kind of setting however is more susceptible to knocks, or snagging on clothing, so more caution should be taken when wearing a ring of this style.  Claw settings should be checked to ensure that none of the claws are loose or broken, breaking a claw could possibly mean losing your beautiful gemstone!  However a well made claw setting should last for many many years.  

Claw or Bezel Setting? Sarah Hickey Jewellery

Bezel Settings:

A bezel setting has a strip of fine metal that partially or completely surrounds the gemstone to hold it in place. It is a solid continuous lip that outlines the whole edge of the stone.  A bezel setting is very protective of the gemstone it is holding, making it perfect for working with gemstones that are softer or more prone to scratches such as opals, turquoise and apatite.

Sometimes the bezel is designed with holes cut out to allow more light through to the gemstone.  A bezel has to be custom-made to properly fit the gemstone it is designed to hold, providing a beautiful and secure setting for the gemstone to be admired, in a more sleek and modern design.

Both have their own style and qualities.  There is no winner in this contest.  It comes down to personal preference so we would recommend you initially look at both styles,

and then from our experience once you see the one for you, you just know!!

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