November Birthstones

November babies have the joy of having 2 gorgeous gemstones to brighten up their days!!


Citrine is a gorgeous sunshine yellow gemstone. It is a quartz crystal and can range from very pale yellow to deeper dark orange. It owes its colour to iron impurities within the quartz at the time of formation. Did you know can create a fake citrine by heating amethyst above 300-400C, in which it looses its violet hue and becomes a shade of orange or brown?! Real Citrine tends to be much lighter in colour.

Citrine is currently mined in Brazil and Uruguay. The name citrine comes from the Latin word ‘citrina’ meaning yellow, or the french ‘citron’ meaning lemon.

The largest Citrine in the world, the Malaga citrine, weighs 20200 carats.

Citrine was known as as the merchant’s stone or the money stone, throughout the Middle Ages as it was believed that the stone would bring prosperity and wealth to those who wore it.

In Ancient China Citrine was often worn by the Emporor as it was seen to be the ‘success stone’. It was thought to bring success to thre wearer. They also believed it to open the mind and broaden one’s perception. Citrine is also believed to be linked to ones intuition. Wearing citrine is said to revitalise the mind and sharpen focus, raise self esteem and self confidence, thus releasing negative traits and phobias.

Citrine was populised by Hollywood in the 1920s and 1930s where actress Greta Garbo had a large collection of jewellery containing several citrines. After she was seen wearing the gemstone, the gemstone rocketed in popularity. It’s resurgence in the Art Deco era made it amongst the most sought after crystals at that time.

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Topaz is believed to have been named after a small island in the Red Sea named ‘Topazos’ where golden stones were found. What’s interesting is that the stones found were actually peridot! Another theory is that Topaz is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ which means fire.

Topaz is most commonly found in brown or blue, however they can come in a rainbow of colours!

The Imperial Topaz is one of the most valuable varieties of this gemstone. It was used in the jewels meant for the Russian Czar’s family in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was strictly restricted for use only by the Czar, his family and those who were gifted with it.

Ancient Greeks believed that wearing topaz could increase strength and prepare you for future hardships. They also thought this gem could grant the wearer the power of invisability. Other beliefs include this gem could treat low immunity, obesity, enxiety. This stone was said to not only heal all these issues but also prevent death?!

Topaz has a history of producing large crystals. Their sizes can reach up to 4 feats and can weigh hundreds of pounds. The Museum of Natural History in New York is home to the heaviest topaz weighing around 600 pounds.

Topaz represents love and fidelity and is the traditional gem for 4th and 9th wedding anniversaries.

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