Sarah, our founder, is achingly passionate about the visual language of jewellery.
Sarah studied History of Art in London and even before her graduation day arrived, she had decamped to New York, to work in the art world. It was at night classes, at the tender age of 21, that she fell headlong in love with jewellery making and knew pretty much from the first class that she had found her soul’s calling.

Sarah Hickey founder

After 8 years in New York, a jewellery agent and fledgling business, Sarah decided to to move back home to the North of England and her online business was born. 

Sarah Hickey Jewellery is based in the beautiful market town of Hexham, in the Tyne Valley. We have a busy workshop, in which all of our jewellery is designed by Sarah and made by hand by our Production Artists. In 2021 we were delighted to open the doors to our beautiful Boutique and love that we now have the opportunity to invite our customers in to try on and experiment with Sarah’s creations. 
We are a team of women. We embrace flexible working, beauty in all things and we’re proud to be a part of such a fantastic brand.