All pieces are designed and handmade right here in lovely Northumberland. We’re very proud to be a part of British Craft, and we hope pieces from the collection make a perfect Northumberland Gift. Read more about Sarah and her small creative business here:

Brand Ethos:

At the heart of my mission is a wish to create a collection which nods its head towards antiquities and ancient crafts. Rome, Egypt and Ancient Greece all have a rich history of jewellery design from which I draw a great deal of inspiration. I then like to marry that alchemy with a more contemporary feel to create pieces of jewellery that are unique, but utterly wearable. I strive to deliver the antithesis of a ‘manufactured’ piece, each stone is hand cut, the wire weaving and the hammered frames of earrings all bear the hallmarks of ‘hands’ not machines. I hope the jewellery that I craft becomes part of my customers daily pleasure.not just something to wear, but something to experience. The jewellery that you wear is such an expression of yourself, it truly is a privileged to create pieces every day and to be able to indulge my art and my love of the process for what can be such a meaningful outcome. Stones are Pearls are sourced from all over the world, I work closely with stone dealers I have built a relationship with over the years, I particularly like ‘rose cut’ gems and feel it adds a romance to the stones. All of the jewellery is crafted in my workshop in the lovely market town of Hexham, among the rolling hills of Northumberland. The workshop is a hive of creativity and busyness and I’m lucky to have a small team of production assistants who help me bring my designs to life each day.  

About Sarah:

Sarah studied HisAbout Sarah Hickey Jewellerytory of Art in London and went on to study jewellery design in New York, before returning to the UK to set up a working studio in Northumberland. “My jewellery is my art and my obsession. I enjoy working with natural stones and ethically sourced metals to create the look and feel of artisan pieces. As the years have gone by the worldwide reach of the internet has enabled the niche following of my jewellery to gain a greater audience, and it’s lovely when customers both near and far come back again to add to their own collection”