Create your Occasion Ring with Sarah

Please read about our bespoke process here: We want to celebrate your ideas, we know that a special ring is a considered purchase and there is a creative journey involved. I love nothing more than to talk about jewellery, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your ideas.  We offer two pathways in this process: 

  1. Tailor it for you?
    This option is for those that have seen a ring in the collection, would like to add some tweaks and changes to make their own and have some ideas for how it could be reimagined. If this is the case you can email us at and let us know your ideas. We delight in all suggestions and can advise on what is, and isn’t possible. The cost is on a case by case basis and a quote can be emailed to you. 

 2. Start from Scratch?
An occasion ring can take many forms, engagement, promise ring, 18th, 21st, 50th Birthdays, wedding anniversary. Paid off the mortgage is one we’ve done a few of lately. Celebration of your new baby; the list goes on. Whatever your occasion we’re delighted to help.

You may have your own stones or gold that you’d like us to use, perhaps something inherited, or a family heirloom in a style you no longer wear and needs a new lease of life. 

The stones and metal belonging to you, that I am happy to work with are exclusively diamonds, sapphires and 9ct, 14ct or 18ct Gold. It is largely due to the hardness of these stones and their durability.  Working with more fragile stones that belong to the customer is regrettably not practical due to their sometimes precarious nature.

The Start from Scratch process can begin in the form of an email to get the ball rolling or you can fill in our online form which walks you through some of the fundamentals.

Fill in our Bespoke Ring Form Here

A phone call or zoom session is then the next step to address finer points. Here are some of the questions you may have. The list is not exhaustive and don’t forget you can always email or call the Studio : 01434 394 827 

How to I start my journey for a Bespoke Ring?
You can either email us, call or complete the following form which helpfully lays out some of the fundamentals of your piece.

Can I send pictures of other jewellery I’ve seen online:
 Yes. Jewellery design is a broad church, and we celebrate all the many different styles and techniques that are out there. Each jeweller has their own aesthetic, and if you’ve arrived here it’s because you like mine! I’m extremely passionate about what I do, it’s everything to me. I do understand that it can be hard to articulate in words, what it is that you would like, and a visual reference is a great way to show me what you’re thinking of, that is welcome, but what I don’t ever do is directly copy another designers work. 

How long will my bespoke ring take:
This is entirely dependent on the complexity of the design, which stones need to be sourced, and how busy we are. At the moment most custom projects are taking 4-6 weeks from locking down the final design, to delivering the ring. 

How do I pay for my bespoke Ring:  How I work, is that once the design, metals and stones have all been decided upon and the quote agreed, we take a 50% deposit, to start work. Once the ring is ready to dispatch (or be picked up) we require the 50% balance to be paid. These payments are made via our online order system and links will be emailed to you detailing your order.