Salt and Pepper Diamond

salt and pepper diamond ring uk

Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings UK

Salt and Pepper Diamond engagement and promise rings are a movement that have grown in recent years, the are a personal favourite of mine and have thus become a mainstay of the collection. Lets discuss them in all their beauty, Salt and Pepper diamonds are a trend that’s here to stay.

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Salt and Pepper Diamond Sarah Hickey Jewellery
Salt and Pepper Diamond Sarah Hickey Jewellery

The eternal nature of a diamond, a stone that really will last forever, beyond all of us, has made them the favourite for engagement rings for many years. The first being given to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximilian of Austria when he proposed in 1477, what a trail blazer!

More recently though people are keen to express the individuality of their love through a stone with a difference, and what better way than through a salt and pepper diamond.

There are actually no two ever alike, each with its own, tone of light and dark, unique inclusions, size and shape. From palest smouldering grey, to dark as night, there’s much to catch your eye and heart.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Sarah Hickey Jewellery

What exactly is a Salt and Pepper Diamond? Salt and Pepper Diamonds have all the qualities and hardness of a regular diamond but they have inclusions, dark carbons spots, clouds, feathers, sprinkles of tiny milky way type peppered patterns that create their unique look.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds lend themsleves to a rose cut, and the nature of the stones own character often informs the shape it’s not one size fits all, look at these breathtaking pieces in the rough, ready to be cut and shaped into their glory on the polishing wheels.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds go someway to proving beauty doesn’t always lie in perfection. they are more affordable and frankly often a lot more interesting than a classic diamond, a little bit of edge, certainly a talking point. I work closely with diamond dealers who supply these stones to me, deciding cuts and colours. I rest in the knowledge that they are conflict free, and I can pass that on to my customers. My sources are Botswana and Canada. If you have any questions or would like to chat about a salt and pepper diamond ring, welcome, and be my guest, I’d love to help.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Sarah Hickey Jewellery

Moonstone, a life long love affair…

Where to begin! Rainbow moonstone appears time after time in my collection, and that’s because I love working with it, and I love wearing it myself. For almost 15 years now I have been working with the same moonstone dealer, knowing the source, is knowing the stone, the provenance and traceability of this stone are important to me, and this notion speaks with in the pieces I make with moonstone. I know this bewitching gemstone in and out, I take pride in the quality of moonstone that I offer in my jewellery.

Moonstone, a life long love affair... Sarah Hickey Jewellery

Here’s a little bit about the history of Moonstone; it isn’t difficult to see where it gets it’s name. Hindu mythology believed moonstone was literally solidified moonbeams, the dancing light and glow of moonstone can definitely be likened to the lunar light, as seen through a thin veil of cloud. A glow from within.

Moonstone, a life long love affair... Sarah Hickey Jewellery
Moonstone, a life long love affair... Sarah Hickey Jewellery
Moonstone, a life long love affair... Sarah Hickey Jewellery

The glow, or ‘blue fire’ as it is sometimes called, is actually caused by the stones internal structure which scatters and refracts as the light hits it. This phenomenon is known as adularescence. The most marvelous thing, as all moonstone lovers know, is there are no two pieces a like, the refractive structure of the mineral changes from one cm of material to the next, so the light play and the look will also change – magical.

Moonstone is a really beautiful bridal choice, it’s white, light, delicate and whimsical, and wearing moonstone on your big day will also mean you’ll have those moonstones to wear throughout the years, it doesn’t age or fade, it’s sparkle within the stone always stays alive.Rainbow Moonstone, like labradorite is a feldspar gemstone, formed from lava seeping upward in veins through the earths mantal thousands of years ago.I work with so many shapes and sizes, cuts and finishes, it’s always a delight just to see the raw product though too, above is some being cut by the gemstone dealer before it wings it’s way to me. Fascinating…

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