What Makes Sarah Hickey Jewellery an Ethical Jewellery Brand?

Silver and Gold: I source gold and silver from two places here in the UK, one company I am able to purchase recycled metals from, the wire I buy and the sheet and grain too is 100% recycled with none of the associated human or environmental problems that can sometimes be associated with mining.

The other company which has a few of the things I need but I cannot find in recycled form, sell what is called Single Mine Origin Gold, this is a pretty new concept and it’s really great, the company here in the UK owns the mine outright and they oversee the fair running of the mine, the workers pay and benefits, etc, if you’re interested you can read more about it in the link below

Gemstones:after 2 decades in the jewellery business now, I have had time to develop lasting relationships with gemstone dealers, I consider them friends, I understand their practices, and I have an insight into how they work with their own employees, where ethical and fair practice is observed these relationships have been lasting.

Diamonds: Diamonds come from three sources, on in London, one in Canada and one in Botswana, all three sources are commited to ethical, conflict free mining. In particular the salt and pepper diamonds which a specialitly of my jewellery collection come from the Jwaneng Mine which is run in partnership with the Botswanan Government, there’s a link for more infomation below.

Single Mine Origin Gold

Jwaneng Diamond Mine