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Evermore: Welded Infinity Bracelet Sarah Hickey Jewellery

What exactly is a Sarah Hickey Evermore bracelet?

An Evermore bracelet, sometimes known an an infinity, or welded bracelet is a chain bracelet with no clasp.The bracelet is fitted together with a tiny joined link which is micro welded in our boutique. Chains are available in 9ct and 14ct Gold. You choose your chain.

Do I need an Appointment?

Yes, it’s definitely recommended. While you can walk in and try your luck, if you want to guarantee you’ll be able to get your bracelet, please make a 20 minute appointment. Please note that one appointment is per person. If there’s more than one you, you’ll need to make multiple appointments.

Does it hurt?

Not one bit! There is a little flash of light which is a pulse from the welding pen, the star burst on the picture is to illustrate the thrill. But you wont actually feel a thing

What if I need to remove my seamless bracelet!

No problem, you can easily cut the chain with a pair of scissors, and yes, we can weld it back together.

Will I need to remove my bracelet for the airport?

Nope, the Evermore chains are so light and fine, that they wont be picked up by the airport metal detectors

Is there an age restriction?

Yes you must be 13 to be fitted with an Evermore bracelet. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

I would like an evermore with a catch that can be removed and put back on easily

No problem, we can do this, it’s still best to make an appointment to come and get fitted for your chain so it hangs exactly the way you’d like it to.

I would like an anklet chain

Yes we do this! there is a surcharge of £20 extra for the extra chain used.

Prices: £70 – £130 All chains are solid gold.

Cable Chain – 1.2mm, 9ct yellow gold only – £70

Trace Chain – 2mm, 9ct Rose, White or Yellow Gold – £85

Paperclip chain – 14ct Yellow Gold  – £130

Curb chain – 2.5mm 9ct Yellow Gold – £130

Evermore: Welded Infinity Bracelet Sarah Hickey Jewellery